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custom cabinets

I specialize in unique custom cabinet fabrication and installation.

Architectural elements, shelving, furniture design and fabrication.

unique projects

If you have a cool project in mind, and not sure who to contact to bring it to life... you have arrived.

Contact me, and I would be pleased to have a one on one consultation.

finish carpentry

From unique custom creations, to a simple door repair.

No job is too small.


About Me

I think of myself as an artist/craftsman. I prefer to work one on one with home owners, architects, designers, small stores and restaurants. My main source of income is as a finish carpenter.  Occasionally, I will be approached with the opportunity to show my creative side.  For example, a very sweet woman approached me and asked if I could repair a dangerous rotten overhang over a storefront. Replacing the existing stucco overhang would be expensive and time consuming.  Instead, I suggested to remove the existing overhang and replace it with a light airy awning. (as shown in the photo on the right).  It was originally ment to be a temparary remedy, but it made the storefront much more visually appealing. I made a simple wood frame, and attached black nylon screen on top. The result was inexpensive and attractive.

This is just a small example of the kind of projects that I believe set me apart from most of other "carpenters".  It takes more than just skill to create a visual statement.  Click on the link above to learn more about me.



if you have a project in mind...

... Or simply need something repaired, please contact me with some basic info of the project you have in mind.

Include a few important details so I can respond with an informed answer.


or call me at:   323/376-6776